About Halo Metrics

We're revolutionizing the retail and consumer experience.

Our powerful insights-driven solutions are revolutionizing the way modern retailers are delivering amazing experiences for their customers!

Massively Transformative Purpose:

Make sure that every retailer and space owner has the ability to optimize their space based on data-driven insights -- one job at a time.

Our Name


Protect the honest consumers shopping experience

The term Halo for our company is based ln our roots of loss prevention technology. Our solutions deliver positive results in the protection of merchandise while allowing customer interaction.

A Halo is a positive force that provides protection that you can‘t always see. With our solutions Halo makes space for good consumers and protects their experience.


Deliver actionable insights about the in-store customer journey

Metrics is about our ability to deliver powerful data-driven insights for the purpose of optimization.

Retailers now have the ability to capture metrics about the performance of their physical spaces like never before with solutions from Halo Metrics!

How did we get here?

Starting from humble beginnings in 1988 Halo Metrics focused on delivering solutions that prevented shoplifting theft at retail stores in Canada.

Our competitive advantage has always been our level of service and ability to customise our solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Success with our clients drove us to realize that we did much more than protect assets from theft. We realized that our most successful solutions also protected the honest consumers shopping experience.

Smart technology enabled our solutions to capture valuable data about store operations, loss prevention, marketing and the in-store shopper experience.

Today Halo Metrics helps identify friction points in the customer journey by capturing valuable data about in-store shopper movement and behaviour.

Halo harnesses this data and generates insights focused on optimizing physical retail spaces to improve sales and profitability.

We bring the world of online analytics to your bricks and mortar stores.

You can easily A/B test concepts, improve your store layout and marketing events, reduce losses due to theft, and optimize your staffing to meet the needs of your customers!

Our Values

At Halo Metrics we provide solutions that protect the consumer shopping experience.The concept of experience protection translates to other areas of our business including our relationships with our customers. We strive to deliver the best possible experience to our partners. We do this by living our values.


Be amazing / Produce a wow / Always strive to deliver results beyond expectations!


Experience the energy / Synergy of partnering / Always be engaged positive and have fun / Create synergy through teamwork and partnership!


Push past your comfort zone / Take a chance to learn and grow!


Don't panic / Stop and think and connect to your intuition / Reflect and consider!

Our Partners

Halo Metrics is proud to partner with world class manufacturers to provide leading edge solutions for our customers.

Let's revolutionize your retail experience

By optimizing your store you can truly revolutionize the way you do business. Let’s get started!

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