Queue Safe Control Unit

CU5300 HS $1307.33 unit

Quantity per Carton: 1

Dimensions: 5.0" L x 2.5" W x 6.5" H

Queue Safe is simple plug and play system that you can self install to create a managed queue for your checkout lanes.  Cashiers simply press a button and it triggers a message to prompt the next paying customer in line to advance forward to the next available cash lane.
The CU5300 HS control unit is the brains of the Queue Safe system.  It is pre-programmed from the factory to work with the number of checkout aisles you have.  You must also purchase the CB965 Wireless Buttons to match the number of checkout aisles you are managing with this system.
Only one CU5300 HS is required per checkout lane system.  
• Simply power up and plug into the HDMI port of your monitor
• You can Velcro or adhesive mount to the back of the monitor
• Self - Installs in minutes
• Unit is preprogrammed from the factory
• Queue Safe System requires monitor to display messages - NOT INCLUDED
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