Successful retailers are working with Halo Metrics to optimize their Bricks & Mortar stores in a way that removes in-store friction points resulting in improved shopping experiences and increased sales.

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Shopper Insights

Optimize your bricks & mortar stores!

With technology from Halo Metrics retailers are able to optimize their physical spaces. Easily identify friction points and then take action to optimize your store layout, product placement, staffing and overall improve the shopper experience!

visitor analytics

Ripple Metrics

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Smart Response

Service where & when shoppers need it!

Lack of prompt service causes friction in the shopper experience. Now staff can be alerted to areas of the store where their attention is required. Measure & improve customer engagement with Smart Response!

Loss Prevention

Prevent theft while protecting the shopping experience!

For over 30 years Halo Metrics has provided solutions that protect the shopper experience by enabling an open sell retail experience while preventing theft. Keep products on the shelf for honest consumers to purchase!

Wireless Communications

Our selection of Two-way radio communication devices includes a license free option.

Improve in-store communication, shopper experience, and operations with Two-way radios from Halo Metrics!

Optimize your physical stores

Work with Halo Metrics to identify friction points and increase your sales with our solutions.

Let's revolutionize your retail experience

By optimizing your store you can truly revolutionize the way you do business. Let’s get started!

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