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BricTECH Software

BricTECH is the ultimate benefit denial software solution!

Now you have the choice as a retailer to display your live merchandise such as smartphones with or without physical security attachments. BricTECH Software downloads onto your live device and disables it when power is removed making it useless for thieves! For the ultimate in protection combine BricTECH with our HD Lockdown solution.

How do you benefit by using BricTECH Software on your live devices?

  • Active and passive deterrence
  • Internal and external benefit denial
  • Power loss lock
  • Geofencing
  • Optional audible alarm
In-store Insights
  • Exception reporting and alerting
  • Monitor product launches
  • Monitor models on display
  • flag non-compliant devices
Investigative Services
  • Option to interrogate stolen devices
  • Utilize local police for intervention
  • Stolen device recovery

Proven Software

  • Self-healing technology
  • 20,000+ global customers in every vertical market
  • Persistence® embedded in 1 billion+ endpoints
  • Embedded in firmware at the factories of 28 global PC and mobile device manufacturers

In Store Insights

  • Confirm retail demo software compliance
  • Flag non-compliant devices
  • Visibility to see new devices (launch compliance)
  • Monitor product launches
  • Monitor models on display
  • Report compliance
  • Identify non-compliant locations
  • Manage app compliance
  • Identify non-compliant devices
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