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Customized Retractable Tether Security Display Solutions!


We offer a diverse line of stock and custom mechanical Cordwinders to fit your unique requirements and applications.

The Cordwinder line is versatile and time-tested consisting of various combinations of mechanical security to protect practically any product. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, lengths, and pull tensions and pair with one of our 150+ cable ends to create a simple, effective, and low-cost solution for your retail security needs.

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Cables & Ends

We offer an array of custom cables available in coiled, straight, or dual configurations for use with or without our cordwinders. We also offer a variety of cable thickness and colors.

To complete your solution, our extensive selection of cable ends makes almost any configuration possible to secure items such as mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, video games, sporting equipment and much more!

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The Stage - Fragrance Display Solution

The Stage is the ideal customizable solution for fragrance testers. Retractable tethers help keeps your fragrances organized in perfect placement and visually appealing to your customers. The Stage offers a top to bottom solution that secures, organizes, and offers a full consumer experience.

The Stage Bar can be custom made specifically for your stores look and feel. Front and back promotional displays lets you consolidate and brand a variety of fragrances all at once. From the color, number of SKUs to display, even the shape can be changed to fit your needs. This all in one fixture is the perfect promotional or seasonal displayer to advertise your latest fragrances.

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Securing the testers while increasing consumer interaction!

I would like to add that the after-sales service is superior. You can trust Halo Metrics, a company that has several solutions for retail businesses!

Vincent Paineau, Owner, Sports Expert

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