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HD Lockdown

Heavy Duty Lockdown is the highest security for your live devices!


The Heavy Duty Lockdown for Smartphone was designed to provide a high level of security for your retail display without compromising customer experience. The sleek but sturdy design is adjustable to protect current mobile phones, including all current Apple, Samsung, Google and LG phones.

  • Modular brackets – One post, many options, uniform display
  • Easily switch phones for new sales
  • Keyless locking design
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The Heavy Duty Lockdown lineup provides one consistent look and feel for your live displays. Display your tablets without fear of losing precious merchandise.

  • Adjustable to fit current tablet models
  • Heat-treated steel – which means it’s tough
  • Let your customers experience your top selling devices
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The Heavy Duty Lockdown Rotatable does just what the name says. Now you can show demo displays in landscape or portrait without losing any of the strength and modularity of the original Heavy Duty Lockdown.



The Heavy Duty Lockdown for Wearables comes at the perfect time when they are hotter than ever! Start incorporating your wearables in your live displays knowing they are protected by the hardened steel of the Heavy Duty Lockdown. Currently fits Apple Watch series 3 and 4, and Samsung Galaxy Active.

Strong & Secure

  • Heat-treated steel brackets
  • Passes the most rigorous security tests
  • Only a sales associate can remove device

Modular Design

  • Adjustable to fit all current smart phones, tablets and Apple watches
  • Interchangeable design requires only bracket updates
  • Simple and quick installation without adhesives
  • Keyless re-locking system

Shopper Friendly

  • Allows full device functionality
  • Rotating post to pivot view between (optional)
  • Uses OEM charging cables







Built For All Current Smartphones

Built For All Current Tablets

Built For Apple Watch Series 3 & 4

  All models are available in white or black.
  Various mounting options available.

The Heavy Duty Lockdown pairs perfectly with BricTECH software security.

For the toughest challenges in retail security, we like to give it a one-two-punch; software security embedded on your live devices with a display that makes the product shine.

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I would not hesitate to recommend Halo Metrics for their impressive level of service, attention to detail, and quality of customized security solutions.

Andre Gelinas
IT Project Manager for large grocery chain

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