Hard Tags for high risk merchandise

Our specially designed hard tags from Checkpoint Systems protect items considered to be high value and at high risk for theft. In each case the hard tag is specially designed to fit the product being protected while letting honest consumers freely shop the merchandise. Halo Metrics has a full range of Hard Tags in our High Theft Solutions category. Each tag is re-usable making it environmentally and economically friendly. Browse this page to learn more and contact your local Halo Metrics rep for a quote or free samples!

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Featured soft goods tag

Tags for apparel and soft goods

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2 & 3 Alarm Hard Tags protect your high-end fashion items. The sleek, fashion-forward design complements apparel while the unified look of the entire Hard Tag line provides merchandising continuity.

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Our new Banded Hard Tag provides protection for items where a standard hard tag may not apply. Instead of two separate pieces, the pin is already attached to the tag making application quick and easy.

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Our small and sleek Fashion3 Accessory Tag complements your high-end apparel. The tag's design provides merchandising continuity with the entire Hard Tag line.

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The Ink Tag is perfect for a variety of apparel merchandise. If an item secured with an Ink Tag is stolen, the merchandise will be ruined when the thief tries to remove the Ink Tag, denying the thief the benefit of the product.

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The Mag Tag is versatile and highly effective, maximizing your display options by providing security for everything from soft goods to clamshell packaged merchandise.

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Designed specifically for thin and delicate clothing materials, the Mini NeedleLok Tag uses a sharp needle that does not leave behind a visible mark after being removed.

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The Multi-Tag provides durable construction with a protective cushion that securely holds and protects hard-to-secure items.

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The Gen7 features a new design that makes it quicker and easier to remove at POS for re-use, while its innovative locking mechanism means it’s incredibly difficult for shoplifters to open using tools.

Featured hard goods tag

Tags for hard goods and packaging

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Density Tag

It’s time to think inside the box. The new innovative Density Tag from Checkpoint protects valuable items inside packaged merchandise by “sensing” presence through the box.

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Bug Tag 2

The Bug Tag’s alarming module attaches to the sled with a twist making it easy for associates to apply and remove, but the smooth, rounded module fits flush to the merchandise which increases the difficulty for thieves to pry off.

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AutoPeg Tag

AutoPeg Tag is an anti-theft solution and a natural fit for high-risk items displayed on peg hooks. This solution snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging and can be easily removed at POS for reuse.

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Hang Tags

The Dual Rod Hang Tag is highly effective for securing clamshell packaged merchandise.

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OptiLok™ offers an improved and refined design to enhance the ease and speed of application/removal without any security compromises. It is based on a well-proven adjustable grip mechanism used in previous eyewear tags, but with an ingenious locking mechanism allowing easier application and removal.

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Protect your valuable loose jewelry from theft — JewelLok™ protects the merchandise not the packaging, reducing shrink and mark downs.

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The O-Tag provides protection for uniquely-shaped merchandise while allowing safe customer interaction. It’s perfect for golf clubs, baseball bats, corded electronics and much more. Its one-piece design provides ease of application and removal at checkout.

I have found that Halo Metrics is a great partner who can be relied upon to provide excellent customer service.

Brendan Alexander
Director Corporate Loss Prevention at BC Liquor Distribution Branch

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