Help Buttons

Empower Your Customers to ask for assistance.

Placing Help request devices in key areas enables customers to ask for assistance with a push of a button.

Indyme Smart Response Help Buttons are available in Canada through Halo Metrics. Watch this video and learn how retailers are benefiting from this system!

Help Buttons improve customer experience even with leaner staffing models!

Using strategically placed help buttons shoppers can trigger a help request that your staff members receive over the stores communication system. These help requests are tracked and staff responses times are calculated per request. The result is improved customer experience!

Watch this video to learn how Ace Hardware benefitted from using Help Buttons.

Improve Shopper Access to Customer Service

Using the CB967 Wireless Shopper Help Button, shoppers can request personal assistance when and where needed, with the simple press of a button. The unit’s optional audio message assures the shopper that help is on the way. The Smart Response® system notifies appropriate store team members of the request, escalating to ensure prompt customer service.

With every shopper request, data (when, where, response time) is retained. Reports reveal activity levels and response times empower store and corporate management to identify and implement ongoing chain wide performance improvement.

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Alerts based on prolonged dwell time

The Smart Sense Dwell™ is part of the Smart Sense Solution Suite. It is equipped with a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, which detects the presence of people in a specified area. Once it detects prolonged presence, it then instantly and discreetly notifies store teams through existing communication channels such as wireless smart devices, radio, pagers, or overhead pages.

Staff responding to these alerts will be able to help honest shoppers with their needs or potentially deter bad guys from stealing!

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Smart Response Featured Solutions

Smart Response is a network of sensors and buttons located within your store that generate alerts for staff when their attention is needed. Each alert and response is recorded and this data is available in your Smart Portal dashboard. Gain valuable insights about what is happening in your store and how staff is responding. Browse the Smart Response products below to learn more.

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