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Key Removable Core “L” & “R” Keyways

(L5) 5 wafer disk tumbler NON-RESTRICTED keyway. This is for use in matching of competitions “B” keyway. (R5) 5 wafer disk tumbler keys. Delta 5 wafer systems can be used to match other competitors’ key codes. Can match codes on the following keyways as found in the Ilco key blank directory: Fort 54g, 1054g, L1054g/fr2. Ilco 1054b/in8. Yale y11. National cabinet 1069/Ro1, 1069g.
(L6) 6 wafer disk tumbler RESTRICTED keyway. Keys only available through Delta. Key blanks not available. (R6) 6 wafer disk tumbler using the Delta code series and other custom key systems.

Locks are available in both master and non-master systems

KRC-US Series Locks are available in:
  • • Camlocks

  • • Deadbolts

  • • Latchbolts

  • • Plunger Locks

  • • Ratchet Locks

KRC-US Series Locks – Featured Solutions

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