Keepers for High Theft Merchandise Protection!

With more than 70 sizes to choose from, our tough, polycarbonate Keepers allow you to create attractive visual displays with confidence knowing your merchandise is well-protected.

Features and benefits:

  • Works with your existing EAS system
  • Options available for alarming technology
  • Provides excellent security with open display of merchandise
  • Allows the consumer to interface with the product and promotes browsing
  • Keeps the original packaging intact, resulting in fewer merchandise discounts
  • Re-useable with easy application and removal

Collapsible Keepers

One of the newest to join our Keeper® line, our Collapsible Keepers are designed to protect small to medium-sized merchandise with great flexibility. The ability to raise and lower the Keeper optimizes shelf space and solves the need for managing fewer sizes of security devices.

Health & Beauty Keepers

Halo Metrics offers Canadian retailers the most comprehensive line of Keepers® to fit your health & beauty merchandise. From razors, to drug, to Family Planning and more, you can rely on Keepers to provide the optimal in open display while being securely protected. No matter what you need to protect, there is a Keeper to do the job

Keeper Selector

Media Keepers

Media Keepers® are custom designed for media and electronics to provide locking protection with great visual display. You can find Keepers to fit your high-theft DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, video games, and much more. Our patented magnetic lock is ultra-secure but quick and easy to open at checkout.

Keeper Selector

Multi-Use Keepers

Our Multi-Use Keepers come in more than 13 sizes and multiple security level options. Whether you need to protect something small, like batteries, or something large, like infant formula, we have a size to fit your needs.

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Showcase Keepers

Our line of Showcase Keepers® was created for maximum aesthetics and security for those products that need to be “showcased” well. Perfect for fragrances and high-theft beauty creams, the softer corners and sleek black pedestal ensure that your merchandise is well displayed and securely protected.

Keeper Selector

Find the Right Fit With Our Keeper Selector

Simply enter the package dimensions of the merchandise you want to protect below and click the search button. The results will show the ideal fitting Keeper and options for other sizes if relevant.

Halo Metrics’ line of products have been used widely in our stores and we are very pleased with not only the results, their support of our customer service mission.

Tony Hunt
General Manager Loss Prevention, London Drugs Limited

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