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Pagoda Series

Restricted Key Locks 

This series features a highly pick resistant core. The keys cannot be duplicated as Pagoda Series cut keys are only available through us. The Pagoda Series showcase locks are based on 4 round discs activated for unlocking by a high precision double cut key with cut tolerances less than .001". Pagoda Series Locks offer a lock and key system where key control, pick resistance and physical attack resistance are maximized. In order to prevent duplicating existing keys, key blanks are not sold. Cut keys can only be ordered from our factory by authorized personnel. Pick resistance is extremely high because of the spring tension and stepped wafer design standard in every lock. Anti-drill pins resist lock drill through attempts.

Master Keying

The Pagoda Series standard system is designed not to have a master key. This type of security system works most effectively when only one key is authorized and available to open the lock. Master keying is available by special order and available in 5 different master key groups of 200 to 250 key numbers each. Please contact the factory for specific system details.

Pagoda Series Locks are available in:

  • • Camlocks
  • • Deadbolts
  • • Latchbolts
  • • Plunger Locks

Pagoda Series Locks – Featured Solutions

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