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Display live devices with our power and alarm solutions!

S3VX Programmable Key

Solo 2 – Power & Alarm

The Solo 2 is a powerhouse in a sleek compact design. Its versatility and quick set-up will help you power and display any live cell phone, tablet, E-reader, iPod, GPS, and so much more with ease.

Key Features:

  • Quick to install and simple to operate
  • This compact alarm can be mounted above or below the counter, display, or fixture
  • The second alarm port enables easy and cost-effective cross-merchandising
  • Our various above counter posts permit convenient above counter key functionality
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Quadro Alarm

The Quadro is a four port alarm only solution that enables users to display and secure up to four items at any given time. Our vast assortment of customized sensor cables gives the user the capability to secure practically any product.

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Our sensors have been specifically designed to protect a wide range of merchandise. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact your local Halo Metrics representative for assistance.

  • Loop Sensor: Laptops, Small Electronics, Tools, Headphones
  • Square Sensor: Hotspots, Tablets, Keyboards, Speakers, Dock Stations
  • Tube Sensor: Laptops, Keyboards
  • USB Swivel Sensor: Anything with a standard USB port
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Outdoor Alarm

Introducing the Outdoor Alarm System. This mobile, weatherproof, audible alarm unit can secure items in any scenario or location.

It’s the perfect solution to secure items in outdoor areas like: storefronts (barbecue grills, tractors, boats), or indoor areas like warehouses where overstock items are kept. This system can even be extended to include many items in its security rung. Regardless of how your large items require theft protection, let our account managers help you to determine the perfect tethering and alarm solution for your application.

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