Smart Portal

Smart Portal presents data insights from the Smart Response in-store sensor network. This provides you a holistic view of the various types and times when staff attention was required and what was the reaction to these alerts.

Smart response real-time awareness results in prompt actions that build sales, reduce shrink, and increase the effectiveness of lean store teams. Smart Response provides store teams with instant awareness of urgent actionable events happening in the store right now such as:

  • • Shopper desiring assistance
  • • Cashier needing support
  • • Shopper-facing kiosk malfunction
  • • Unexpected perimeter door opening
  • • Video-detected suspicious event
  • • Refrigeration failure


Improve Customer Satisfaction & Conversion

Increase Operational Efficiency

Drive performance through metrics & analytics

Recover Lost Sales


SmartPortal does not just provide data; it gives you results-focused, actionable insight on a cloud-based portal. Retailers don’t need to wait around to run monthly reports. You can get real time access to this reporting dashboard!


Key Features:

  • • Manage Your Hierarchy – Access data the way you want it: see reports from regions, districts and specific store locations.
  • • Customizable Dashboards – SmartPortal allows you to personalize reports that show up on your dashboard.
  • • Exportable Data – Extract your data to get an offline version of your reports for any kind of post processing.
  • • Schedule Email Reports – SmartPortal gives you the ability to schedule reports to be emailed daily, weekly or monthly.

Keep Driving Results!

These insights empower management to take actions that increase staffing effectiveness, build sales, and reduce shrink. With corporate support, proper training and management, SmartPortal reports helps drive continuous compliance and success, measured objectively with our data!

When we’re introducing the Smart Response system into a store, we can show the store team members the goals for response times and then track their scores. Then we can see where the response times are higher or lower than our benchmarks. The feedback helps improve the scores, plus we can tweak the location of the help buttons to speed up response times even more.

The metrics on response times delivered through Smart Portal are vital to our business!”

Doug Cervantes
BevMo! Director of Operations

Improve the shopping experience with Smart Response!

Smart Response with Smart Portal

Smart Response is a network of sensors and buttons located within your store that generate alerts for staff when their attention is needed. Each alert and response is recorded and this data is available in your Smart Portal dashboard. Gain valuable insights about what is happening in your store and how staff is responding. Browse the Smart Response products below to learn more.

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