Smart Sense Security

Change Your Loss Prevention Paradigm; Stop Treating All Your Customers Like Thieves.

Not all threats are created equal! With our new Smart Sense™ Technology, you can better assess the threat level and tailor responses accordingly. It differentiates suspicious behavior from normal shopping behavior and creates tailored responses based on your business model, staffing model, and store demographics.

Smart Sense sensors detect either motion or vibration to alert staff of suspicious behaviour or simply that a customer needs help. Either way staff is alerted and can provide extra attention where it is needed.

Smart Sense Touch

Using strategically placed sensors can trigger detect suspicious merchandise movements and turn on local deterrents (at shelf level). It’ll even notify store personnel! By having notifications sent to your staff, they can quickly return to that aisle to assist the customer or to just have presence in that aisle. One sensor covers a 4’ section of shelving. Suspicious behavior is programmable but typically defined as taking 3 units in less than 5 seconds. The potential result is deterred theft or improved customer experience!


Smart Dome Dwell

A Smart Sense Dwell sensor is housed inside simulated camera dome. It detects dwell in front of high risk merchandise and responds by providing an audible tone and flashing LEDs simulating remote surveillance.

Equipped with a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor the Smart Dome detects presence of people in a specified area. Once it detects prolonged presence, it then instantly and discreetly notifies store teams through existing communication channels. The Smart Dome is equipped with flashing, red LED lights and audible local chime or message when presence is detected! Having this in place will discourage thieves with an increased level of security


Smart Public View Monitor

Higher value merchandise can be protected with a Smart Public View Monitor (Smart PVM). This device takes triggers from the Smart Sense Touch and turns on record mode when offenders remove merchandise in a suspicious fashion. You can use the screen primarily for branding/marketing/ad revenue purposes! Only when suspicious activity is identified, it will switch to a live feed. Thieves will instantly understand that there is an active monitoring system in place! Plus, they’ll be able to see themselves on the screen and immediately walk away from potential theft! Increase engagement, deter theft, and receive data driven insight!


Smart Response Featured Solutions

Smart Response is a network of sensors and buttons located within your store that generate alerts for staff when their attention is needed. Each alert and response is recorded and this data is available in your Smart Portal dashboard. Gain valuable insights about what is happening in your store and how staff is responding. Browse the Smart Response products below to learn more.

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