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Spider Wraps® have become the standard in high theft security. Their expandable cables are able to protect a wide range of medium to large-sized merchandise and the two-stage locking buckle assures a tight, secure fit. Available with advanced alarming technology and RFID compatibility Alpha's Spider Wraps® are trusted by more than 500 retailers worldwide.

Spider Wraps work with your existing EAS alarm system.

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Many high-theft products received by retailers arrive with nylon straps around the box to protect inside contents. StrapLok™ quickly attaches to the existing nylon straps. Because of dynamic tension adjustment, it is compatible with low-quality, loose straps found on boxes already pre-strapped from manufacturing. StrapLok actively monitors the strap’s tension and will only alarm if the strap is being cut. This is one of the key advantages of the StrapLok as it will not generate false alarms.

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Spider Web

The Spider Web’s unique, multi-strand steel cable mesh bag presents an excellent visual deterrent that allows open merchandising – without the risk. Spider Webs provide infallible security for even the most irregular-shaped packages. The Spider Web is perfect for protecting blister and clamshell packaging from theft!

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Alarming Wrap Tag

Merchandise with unusual shapes can be difficult to protect. Introducing the Alarming Wrap Tag — a 2 Alarm module outfitted with dual 7-strand aircraft grade cables that will fit snugly around various high-theft items, such as champagne bottles, golf clubs, fishing rods and even drill bits. The cables are dependent of each other which allows for flexible fitting. Two sets of detaching locators allow for right and left hand compatibility.

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I can say that Halo Metrics is an excellent security partner representing the Checkpoint and Alpha companies for our stores in Quebec. I am completely satisfied with the after-sales service we receive from our representative.

Michel Séguin

Canadian Tire Dealer

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