Wireless Communications

Why use Advanced Wireless Two-way Radios from Halo Metrics?

Retailers are able to use Two-way radios to measurably improve communications between staff members in a store environment. Contact Halo Metrics to learn more about how our Advanced Wireless Two-way radios can save you time, money, and even prevent loss!

Save Money
  • • GMRS license free option
  • • Compatible with Motorola CLS accessories
Save Time
  • • Instantly communicate with the right person!
  • • Managers able to direct staff without having to find them
  • • Focus on other tasks and notified when needed
Other Benefits
  • • Quickly communicate visible out-of-stock issues and replenish
  • • Adds a visual deterrent & helps combat Loss Prevention issues
  • • Leaves PA system for more marketing messages – less noise

Two-Way Radio Solutions

AWR Advantage Plus – 106100

The AWR Advantage Plus two-way radio by Advanced Wireless Communications was built to last and withstand daily usage. We designed the AWR Advantage Plus to eliminate common break/fail points of two-way radios which includes: the antenna (reinforced), knob (a low-profile knob with guard), and accessory jack (a strong jack that is designed to minimize the strain to the jack itself).

The AWR Advantage Plus is feature rich like the AWR Advantage but with the addition of Bluetooth, Voice Recorder, Vibration Alert, and DTMF!

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MINI 4 – 106251

The MINI 4 two-way radio by Advanced Wireless Communications is small, lightweight, easy to carry, and user friendly. This small radio is robust with features such as 16 channels, high/low power settings, scan, battery save mode, wireless cloning and a proceed-to-talk tone.

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AWR-8000 – 106321

AWR-8000 two-way radio by Advanced Wireless Communications was built to last and withstand daily usage. It is a feature packed Business Radio with 16 Channels and Selectable High Power. This radio is specifically designed to reach the hardest spots to cover and yet be simple to use!

The AWR-8000 is feature rich with 16 channels, up to 4 Watts of power, Scan, Wireless Clone, and much more!

AWR-8000 Two-way Radio Kit Includes:

  • • AWR-8000 Two-way Radio
  • • Antenna (221254)
  • • Belt Clip (221251)
  • • Battery (221223)
  • • Single Unit Charger (221224)
  • • 1 Year Warran
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Aside from improving customer service and the overall customer experience, the system has helped with team building, empowered employees and made them feel high-tech and proud to work for Van's IGA, and our employees are communicating with each other in a more professional manner because they know everyone is listening in “

Wayde Anderson

Van's IGA

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