Secure Fixtures

Halo Metrics offers a full range of security solutions for your fixtures!

From simple locking solution for peg hooks to advanced smart shelf technology that alerts you to out of stocks and theft attempts we have you covered. Browse this page to find the right solution for your fixture. Contact your local Halo Metrics rep for a sample or demonstration.

The Peg Hook Alert system

The Peg Hook Alert system allows retailers to openly display merchandise with confidence. Most shoplifters are risk-averse. Security measures that take longer to defeat and provide some visual or audible level of deterrent make it more likely that store associates will engage. This positive outcome may lead to an assisted sale to a genuine customer or deters possible theft directly at the display.

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Smart Shelf

It’s about time your shelf does more than hold merchandise!

The Smart Shelf is an integrated loss prevention, inventory control, and marketing solution that combines state of the art sensing and communications technologies to increase profit in retail stores.

Collect insight on the trends of your shoppers and maintain accessible inventory while monitoring and protecting merchandise from potential theft. This leads to, on average, an 80% sales lift and a 50% shrinkage reduction

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Locking Peg Hook

Locking Peg Hook

The Locking Peg Hook allows you to openly display your high-theft merchandise with the protection of the most secure hook on the market. Customers will have full access to examine the merchandise but cannot remove the product from the hook. The Locking Peg Hook locks securely to a traditional corrugated or metal pegboard.

  • Locking merchandise rod prevents unauthorized product removal
  • Convenient tag holder for pricing labels
  • Available in 6”, 8”, or 10” lengths
  • An S3 HandKey is required to unlock the front and back of the Peg Hook
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Peg Hook Locks

Peg Hook Locks are a versatile locking solution for your merchandise on display. Robust yet elegantly designed locks that can be installed and removed in seconds. A friendly message label comes included and can be customized to your liking. Our Hook Locks offer greater security than traditional magnetic open merchandise locks. Locks are available for both single and loop wire hooks.

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Secure Stop

The Peg Hook Secure Stop offers both security and flexibility for peg hooked merchandise. The small, durable tag allows retailers to both protect and openly merchandise product on a single hook, helping prevent a sweeping situation.

  • Combines security and open merchandising
  • Flexibility — customer controls merchandise that is available
  • 5mm = 4.9mm < diameter peg hook
  • 6mm = 6.0mm < diameter peg hook
  • 7mm = 6.7mm < diameter peg hook
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Halo Metrics is a great security partner. Their cutting edge solutions and strong support have helped our business become more profitable while providing a better shopping experience for our customers.

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Secure Fixtures

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