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Smart Response gives your store a voice. It helps you create engagement opportunities; outfitting the store with sensor networks that detect any in-store event and trigger tailored notifications. Smart Response will help you improve customer engagement, manage your fitting rooms, improve loss prevention and workflow automation.



Using strategically placed help buttons shoppers can trigger a help request that your staff members receive over the stores communication system. These help requests are tracked and staff responses times are calculated per request. The result is improved customer experience!

Watch this video to see how retailers are using help buttons to improve the in-store shopping experience even with leaner staffing models!


By installing the SmartFit Fitting Room Management System, retailers gain access to actionable data.

  • • Occupancy Awareness and Dwell Time
  • • Traffic Conversion
  • • Response Time and Inspection Compliance
  • • Capacity Utilization

Increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and reduce shrink!

Shoppers were surveyed before and after the installation of the Smart Fit solution and the results showed a 27% INCREASE in customer satisfaction. Learn how SmartFit increases customer satisfaction!

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Not all threats are created equal! With our new Smart Sense™ Technology, you can better assess the threat level and tailor responses accordingly. It differentiates suspicious behavior from normal shopping behavior and creates tailored responses based on your business model, staffing model, and store demographics.

Smart Sense sensors detect either motion or vibration to alert staff of suspicious behaviour or simply that a customer needs help. Either way staff is alerted and can provide extra attention where it is needed.

The Smart Response Help Button solution has helped us boost customer service statistics for our Click & Pickup program. We are very pleased with its performance and success.”
– Paul de Freitas, Logistics Director, The Container Store

It’s a great tool if you are not manning every department all the time and have these at key places. It takes only seconds to know a customer’s there and respond appropriately.”
– Alec Bloem, Owner, Ace Hardware Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Smart Response Featured Solutions

Smart Response is a network of sensors and buttons located within your store that generate alerts for staff when their attention is needed. Each alert and response is recorded and this data is available in your Smart Portal dashboard. Gain valuable insights about what is happening in your store and how staff is responding. Browse the Smart Response products below to learn more.

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