Halo Metrics Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Delta Locks!

Halo Metrics actively sells and provides service for Delta Lock’s comprehensive range of mechanical locks for showcase, cabinet & casework locking systems for all retailers in Canada.

Delta locks are made with high grade materials giving us the ability to offer quality locking solutions for all application & needs. The locks are highly advanced and integrate with all fixtures and can be keyed uniquely to your store and operational needs.

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Mobi™ adds intelligence and audit trails for your existing lock and key infrastructure!

Mobi™ incorporates electronics that can read RFID tags mounted within drawers, doors, or other closure means. The tag I.D. is captured and accessed via the audit trail providing time, date and specific lock location.

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IC Series

Interchangeable Core Locks

6 & 7 pin small format IC cores (SFIC). All cores are equivalent in fit, form and function to Best Access®. InstaKey® compatible housings are available. Showcase, Cabinet Locks, Padlocks, Rim & Mortise Cylinders.

Keys and Cores sold separately.

IC Series
Pagoda Series

Pagoda Series

Restricted Key Locks

Pagoda Camlocks, Deadbolts, Latchbolts and Plunger Locks featuring a highly pick resistant core. Keys cannot be duplicated as Pagoda Series cut keys are only available through our factory.

Keys and Cores sold separately.


Key Removable Core “L” & “R” Keyways

KRC-US L: (L5) 5 wafer disk tumbler NON-RESTRICTED keyway. This is for use in matching of competitions “B” keyway.

(L6) 6 wafer disk tumbler RESTRICTED keyway. Keys only available through Delta. Key blanks not available.

KRC-US R: (R5) 5 wafer disk tumbler keys. Delta 5 wafer systems can be used to match other competitors key codes. Can match codes on the following keyways as found in the Ilco key blank directory: Fort 54g, 1054g, L1054g/fr2. Ilco 1054b/in8. Yale y11. National cabinet 1069/Ro1, 1069g.

(R6) 6 wafer disk tumbler using the Delta code series and other custom key systems.

Delta locks are available in both master and non-master systems.


Bass Security considers Delta Lock to be one of the premier manufacturers of cabinet locking hardware. They have the most complete line of locks for cabinets, drawers and doors at an affordable price. The quality of the Delta Lock product is unsurpassed. They are consistent and deliver on time.
– Bass Security Systems, Inc.

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